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|ua| Ukraine +380

Number Format

Area Code:            2-4 digits
Subscriber Number:    5-7 digits
Trunk Prefix:         0 (formerly 8)
International Prefix: 00 (formerly 8 (wait) 10)

Area code information

14 October 2009 - numbering changes, Kyiv region changes to +380 45

Within Ukraine, the domestic trunk prefix '8' was eliminated, while the leading '0' of area codes became the new trunk prefix e.g. a call previously dialled as 8 067 xxxxxxx within Ukraine would now be dialled as 0 67 xxxxxxx. Calling from outside Ukraine remains unchanged (i.e. +380 67 xxxxxxx) as the '8' and '0' digits were already omitted for international calling.

The new area code +380 45 applies to calls in Kyiv region, outside the city itself. This is apparently an area code split; previously the region was under +380 44 area code with Kyiv city.

The standard '00' international prefix was also adopted to replace the previous 8-10.


MTS announcement of new format of dialling

Kyiv Post: "New dialing rules as of Oct. 14" (9 September 2009)

(news courtesy Risto Nykänen)

January 2005: new range for mobile carrier Astelit

+380 63 xxxxxxx was assigned for mobile carrier Astelit (GSM 1800 service).

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications announcement (5 January 2005, via ITU).

16 April 1995: country code +380

Withdrew from country code +7 (former USSR territory); ITU assigned country code +380 in January 1995. Country code activation was scheduled for 16 April 1995, with use of +7 discontinued at some unknown point (October 1995?). +7 0 was replaced by +380 in international dialling.

For details, see the national regulator's announcement on introduction of +380 (27 January 1995, via ITU).

Other Information

Regulator is Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ukrainian language site).

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